We have an established practice in employment and labour laws, wherein we assist our diverse clientele in their drafting and negotiation of agreements and employment -related compliances, and internal rules and policies in compliance with the various employment laws.

We have a strong foundation in structuring, drafting and negotiating employment related agreements such as consulting agreements, secondment agreements, termination and separation agreements, personnel policies, employee incentive plans and schemes.

Our experienced team regularly offers advice on a range of employment-related subjects, such as business sales or acquisitions, employment related policies and employee benefits, including incentive based schemes, as well as issues concerning discrimination and harassment. We regularly provide advice on legal and regulatory issues such as non-compete and its enforceability and strategic advice concerning protection of confidential information, intellectual property, data protection and privacy concerns.

We also provide and conduct various POSH and workplace ethics trainings for our clients, whereinwe provide training sessions to make the clients understand the legal ramifications of POSH and other relevant laws, along with the appropriate safeguarding process and compliances. We further provide carefully written POSH policies and internal rules governing the clients in compliance with applicable laws.

Our services also offer assistance with whistle blower complaints, grievance redressal mechanisms, workforce and corporate structuring, including health and safety-related policies and concerns, and other similar employment related issues. We routinely provide legal strategies to meet our client’s day-to-day needs while keeping them out of the legal weeds.


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