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At Burgeon Law we believe in taking a hands-on approach to dealing with ‘Data’, ‘Data Privacy’, ‘Data Protection’ and ‘Personally Identifiable Information’ which are the standard terms that one hear while dealing with IT and IT security these days.

With the Information and Technology Act, 2000 coming into force and exponential increase in e-commerce and digital payment services, companies as well as consumers are equally compelled to review their data collection and processing mechanisms. Privacy issues arising from growth in consumer and mobile technologies, an increasingly connected planet and mass cross border data flows are pushing businesses to entirely rethink their data protection policy to ensure that the fundamental right to privacy is protected in today’s digital economy.

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We understand that the concern about data privacy and security risks and other consequences are growing and businesses struggle to keep up with the critical, fast-changing data protection laws and face an increasing risk of serious data breaches, Burgeon Law is well equipped to guide you through this minefield while providing you with accurate, clear pragmatic and business focused advice.


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