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Burgeon Law’s dedicated focus on sectors such as AI, cryptography, blockchain, and the metaverse, caters to the unique legal needs of startups and businesses operating in these rapidly evolving fields.

  • Burgeon Law brings specialized legal services to the forefront of disruptive technologies such as AI, blockchain, and cryptography.
  • We help clients tackle the regulatory challenges and capitalize on opportunities in the digital currency and blockchain space.
  • The firm offers strategic legal advisory services tailored to the unique needs of startups and businesses involved in disruptive technologies.
disruptive tech

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Intellectual Property Protection and Strategy

Burgeon Law offers guidance in managing and leveraging intellectual assets within the technology sector. This includes developing strategic approaches to utilize intellectual property effectively, supporting the creation and protection of innovative digital content, and providing trademark services to enhance and secure brand identity.

Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management

We provide services including advising on compliance with data protection laws like DPDP Act, GDPR and local regulations, understanding the legal implications of cryptocurrency/stablecoin transactions, and navigating the regulatory frameworks like AML, KYC, MEITY advisories, and foreign exchange laws governing AI and blockchain applications.

Transactional and Corporate Advisory

This service focuses on advising clients on mergers, acquisitions, investments, and other transactional activities within the tech industry, particularly those involving disruptive technologies. Burgeon Law assists in structuring deals, conducting due diligence, drafting and negotiating contracts, and navigating the legal aspects of financing and equity arrangements.

Why Choose Us?

Innovation-Led Solutions

Our practice is built on providing commercially viable solutions that are customized to the specific needs of startups.

Global Perspective with Local Expertise

Our experience spans across jurisdictions, offering a global perspective combined with deep local knowledge.

Client-Centric Approach

We prioritize understanding and meeting our clients’ needs, offering quick, strategic support and feedback.

Our Team

Abhisshek Singlla

Abhisshek Singlla


Anish Jaipuriar

Anish Jaipuriar


Ankit Bhasin

Ankit Bhasin


Work Highlights

Blockchain Startup Regulatory Navigation

For a blockchain-based startup specializing in secure transaction platforms, Burgeon Law provided comprehensive legal services to navigate regulatory challenges. The firm conducted an in-depth analysis of current regulations surrounding blockchain and cryptocurrencies, ensuring the client remained compliant with global financial laws and standards. Additionally, Burgeon Law assisted in drafting privacy policies and user agreements that align with data protection laws, facilitating a secure and legally sound environment for the company’s operations.

AI Company Intellectual Property Protection

Burgeon Law worked with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) firm to protect their proprietary algorithms and machine learning models. The firm also assisted in negotiating IP licensing agreements, enabling the AI company to monetize their technology while protecting their assets.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Compliance and Establishment

Assisting a client in setting up a cryptocurrency exchange, Burgeon Law provided end-to-end legal solutions, from incorporation to operational compliance. The firm guided the client through the maze of legal requirements for cryptocurrency exchanges, including anti-money laundering (AML) and know your customer (KYC) regulations. Burgeon Law also developed terms of service, privacy policies, and user agreements that comply with financial regulations, ensuring a robust legal foundation for the exchange’s operations.

Client Testimonials


Choosing Burgeon Law as your law firm for disruptive technologies offers a strategic advantage. With specialised expertise in emerging tech fields like AI and blockchain, Burgeon Law brings a depth of knowledge and experience crucial for navigating the intricate legal landscapes of these industries. Our innovative mindset and extensive network within the tech ecosystem provide invaluable support for businesses seeking legal counsel in disruptive technology sectors.
Burgeon Law specialises in a range of specific areas within disruptive technology law, providing tailored legal services to businesses operating in innovative fields. Key areas of expertise include blockchain and cryptocurrency law, where the firm offers comprehensive guidance on regulatory compliance, ICO structuring and navigating complex frameworks such as AML and KYC regulations. With a focus on emerging technologies, Burgeon Law combines legal expertise with industry knowledge to help clients navigate the evolving legal landscape effectively.
Your business can benefit from Burgeon Law’s specialised legal services in disruptive technologies. With expertise in areas such as blockchain, AI, cryptocurrency and data privacy, Burgeon Law offers tailored solutions to address the unique legal challenges businesses face in these rapidly evolving sectors. By leveraging the firm’s deep understanding of regulatory frameworks and industry trends, your business can navigate complex legal landscapes with confidence, ensuring compliance while maximising opportunities for innovation and growth.
Burgeon Law excels in providing tailored legal solutions to address the unique challenges faced in disruptive technologies. By conducting in-depth assessments of specific needs and challenges, Burgeon Law develops customised legal strategies that align with the client’s objectives and industry standards. Whether it’s navigating complex regulatory frameworks, protecting intellectual property assets or structuring technology transactions, Burgeon Law combines legal expertise with industry knowledge to deliver pragmatic and effective solutions.
To engage Burgeon Law as your firm for representation in Disruptive Technology law, begin by scheduling an initial consultation to discuss your specific needs and evaluate the specific challenges. Provide us with relevant information about your business concerns. After discussing all relevant facts we make an informed decision keeping in mind your specific challenge, providing solutions for favourable outcomes.

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