Bloom@Burgeon is a curriculum-driven dynamic platform, specifically curated to immerse law students into the world of private equity, venture capital, and startup law and give them a practical real-life exposure to these areas.

Through a meticulous blend of hands-on training and theoretical insights, law students will gain a deep understanding of critical facets, ranging from deal structuring, due diligence, to the intricate art of drafting and negotiating term sheets, shareholders agreements, and beyond.

This curated program has been conceptualized with the vision of sharing our learning curve with those who will shape tomorrow. This is a curated internship program that is completely focused on familiarizing law students with inside functioning of PE-VC world. More than an internship, this will be the transformative journey shaping the lawyers of tomorrow and empowering them with practical nuances of giving shape to disruptive business ideas. Many of our past interns have seamlessly transitioned into working full-time at Burgeon Law and through this program we intend to further upskill budding lawyers into being future-ready.

Through Bloom@Burgeon, we not only seek to prepare a pool of lawyers but to also absorb the best-performing interns as the next-generation associates at Burgeon Law. We run Bloom@Burgeon twice a year as a 12-Week Internship Program to create a cohort of legal professionals well-versed in the nuances of PE-VC and startup operations, 4-weeks being dedicated to each of the three areas. If you want to be a part of empowering the changemakers of tomorrow, write to us at [email protected], expressing your interest to be considered for blooming at a firm that encourages creativity, collaboration and entrepreneurship in a hybrid working setup and progressive HR development practices.

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