Practice Areas

Transactional Advisory

We offer end-to-end support in Private Equity, Venture Capital and Venture Debt, with a focus on providing custom solutions specific to each business and comprehensive sector insights.

Corporate & Commercial

We focus on acting for clients engaged in different sectors and we are at the forefront of the legal market when it comes to advising on strategically significant agreements and transactions.

Privacy & Data Protection

We lead by blending cutting-edge technology with legal expertise. We excel in disruptive technologies such as AI and blockchain, offering insights and specialized services across various sectors.

Labour & Employment

Our practice in employment and labour laws aids clients in drafting, negotiating agreements, and ensuring compliance with employment laws, focusing on internal rules and policies.


Our Funds Practice offers comprehensive services for fund formation, portfolio management, and exit strategies, with a focus on legal, regulatory and tax aspects for effective fund lifecycle management.

Corporate Secretarial

Offering Corporate Secretarial services, we specialize in tailored solutions for start-ups and growth-stage companies, focusing on corporate governance, compliance management and secretarial audits.

Technology, Media & Entertainment

Our Technology, Media and Entertainment practice, navigates the unique challenges of artists, producers and media companies. We specialise in digital content and streaming platforms.

Dispute Resolution

We offers comprehensive services in cross-border litigation and international arbitration, expertly handling legal disputes across various sectors with a focus on strategic, client-aligned solutions.

Gaming And Sports​

At the forefront of sports and gaming law, we offer services for this evolving industry, providing expert advice and tailored solutions to sport professionals, e-sports startups and sports organizations.

Intellectual Property

Our Intellectual Property Practice offers specialized services in patent, trademark and copyright enforcement, delivering customized strategies across diverse industries for optimal IP protection

Private Equity/Venture Capital

We specialize in Private Equity and Venture Capital, offering sector-specific legal advice and focusing on building long-term client relationships. We utilize cutting-edge legal tech to provide efficient, future-ready legal strategies.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We excel in mergers and acquisitions, offering comprehensive support and tailored strategies for each transaction. Our expertise includes due diligence, deal structuring, negotiation, and regulatory approvals, ensuring seamless mergers and value maximization for clients.

Audits, Regulatory & Compliance

Our Audits, Regulatory & Compliance Practice tailors legal solutions for businesses across sectors, ensuring compliance with complex regulations. Our services include detailed audits covering areas of technology, healthcare, finance and retail industries.

Setting Up of Business In India

We offer specialized services for businesses aiming to establish their operations in India, providing comprehensive legal guidance for seamless company setup and compliance with local regulations. Our expertise spans company formation, strategic entry planning, optimal legal structure selection and efficient registration processes. 

Incorporation of Business Entity In The US & Flip Work

Our services for Indian entrepreneurs looking to establish or externalize their business in the US, providing comprehensive support in navigating the legal complexities of US incorporation and cross-border transactions.

Employment Contracts

Expert guidance in drafting and customizing employment contracts to align with business needs and protect both employers and employees. Our services include crafting confidentiality, non-compete and termination clauses, ensuring legal compliance across diverse sectors. 

HR Legal Services

We focus on managing HR-related legal risks and fostering compliant, healthy workplace environments. Services include drafting and reviewing employment contracts, developing workplace policies, advising on POSH compliance, conducting compliance audits, and providing litigation support.

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) And Know Your Customer (KYC)

We assist with customer due diligence, cross-border transaction management and adherence to FIU-IND reporting obligations. Services include AML law compliance, KYC procedure implementation, AML program development, regulatory liaison, reporting, due diligence and transaction monitoring.

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