Venture Debt

We specialise in providing legal advisory on venture debt transactions to businesses offering expert financial strategies and services.
  • Tailoring legal advice for finance strategies to fit your unique business scenario.
  • Leveraging extensive market insights to guide your financial decisions.
  • Quick and competent handling of your legal needs.
Venture Debt

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Services Offered

Debt Structuring and Negotiation

Creating and fine-tuning debt arrangements.

Document Drafting

Crafting clear and concise legal documents for transactions.

Risk Assessment

Conducting thorough legal due diligence to safeguard business interests.

Regulatory Adherence

Ensuring your transactions are fully compliant with relevant laws.

Ongoing Support

Providing continuous assistance post-transaction.

International Financing

Guiding you through the complexities of global venture debt

Debt Restructuring

  • Helping reshape the orgainzation’s financial obligations for better stability.

Why Choose Us?

Tailored Approach

We believe in creating solutions specifically designed for your business.

Proven Expertise

Our track record speaks for our ability to handle diverse financial challenges.

Clear Communication

Expect straightforward and transparent guidance from us.

Our Team

Ketan Makhija

Senior Partner

Abhisshek Singlla

Abhisshek Singlla


Anish Jaipuriar

Anish Jaipuriar


Ankit Bhasin

Ankit Bhasin


Work Highlights

Tech Industry Expansion Financin

Spearheaded a venture debt deal for a leading tech company, valued at over $50 million. This deal facilitated the client’s aggressive expansion into new markets and development of cutting-edge technologies.

Biotech Firm Growth Financing

Engineered a strategic venture debt arrangement for a biotech company, enabling a capital injection of $30 million. This funding was pivotal in accelerating the company’s research and development initiatives.

International Renewable Energy Funding

Successfully navigated a complex cross-border venture debt transaction for an emerging clean energy company, securing millions from international investors. This capital infusion played a critical role in the company’s global expansion.

Client Testimonials


Choosing Burgeon Law for transactional advisory is advantageous due to our comprehensive industry insight, pragmatic approach and proven track record in handling complex deals in PE, VC and Venture Debt.
Burgeon Law specializes in various aspects of transactional advisory including investment strategy advisory, legal due diligence, transaction documentation, regulatory compliance and approvals, exit strategy planning, cross-border transaction support, venture debt structuring and post-transaction compliance.
Businesses can benefit from Burgeon Law’s transactional advisory services through comprehensive support in deal structuring, risk identification, compliance and strategic exit planning. Our end-to-end assistance ensures thorough and informed transaction management.
Burgeon Law offers tailored transactional solutions by understanding the specific needs and challenges of different sectors. We leverage our experience in representing both investors and startups to provide balanced and customized advisory services.
To engage Burgeon Law for transactional advisory services, potential clients should initially contact the firm to discuss their specific needs. This may involve outlining the transactional requirements, sectors involved, and any unique challenges. The firm will then propose a tailored approach based on this initial consultation.

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