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Burgeon Law is a trusted partner in navigating the complexities of employment contracts.
  • Expertise in customizing employment contracts to meet the specific demands of businesses and their workforce
  • Proficiency in crafting essential clauses such as confidentiality, non-compete and termination, protecting the involved parties interests.
  • Offering a full spectrum of services from contract initiation to termination, alongside specialized support in employment separation agreements, dispute resolution and legal consultation.
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Drafting and Reviewing Employment Contracts

Tailoring employment contracts to align with specific business needs, employees’ roles and organizational policies. This includes crafting both collective agreements and individual employment agreements.

Additional Employment Stipulations

Addressing various aspects of employment such as appointment details, payment terms, leave policies, retirement plans, pension details, working hours, workplace location and contract validity.

Non-Compete, NDAs and Non-Solicitation Agreements

We specialize in advising clients on non-compete and non-solicitation including drafting non-compete agreements, non-disclosure and non-solicitation agreements to protect sensitive business information and prevent unfair competition.

Workforce and Corporate Structuring

We regularly advise on workforce and corporate structuring, including health and safety-related policies and concerns.

Essential Contract Clauses

Expertise in formulating and interpreting crucial clauses such as:

  • Title of Position Offered: Clearly defining job title, responsibilities and reporting structure.
  • Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Obligations: Safeguarding sensitive company information.
  • Non-Compete and Non-Solicitation Covenants: Ensuring former employees do not misuse company – strategies or solicit clients.
  • Termination Clauses: Outlining the terms and conditions for ending employment, and the consequences thereof.
  • Jurisdiction and Dispute Resolution Clauses: Outlining the territorial jurisdiction and the mechanism to amicably address employment related disputes.

Specialized Contract Provisions

Incorporating specific clauses related to:

  • Disability and Death Benefits
  • Remuneration
  • Expense Reimbursement
  • Probationary Periods

Other Services Related to Employment Contracts

Employment Separation Agreements

We are well-known for our expertise in crafting equitable and legally sound separation agreements.

Employment Agreement Disputes

When disputes related to employment agreements arise, our employment agreement lawyers are equipped to provide effective legal representation. We have a proven track record of successfully resolving complex employment agreement disputes through negotiation, mediation, arbitration or litigation, depending on the circumstances.

Employment Law Consultation

As a leading employment law firm in India, we offer comprehensive consultation services to help employers and employees understand and comply with the complex web of employment laws, regulations and compliance requirements.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

We have a significant presence in employment litigation. Our employment lawyers in Delhi, India have successfully represented clients across various courts/tribunals, such as labour/industrial courts, and employment tribunals..

Why Choose Us?

Diverse Industry Acumen

Burgeon Law’s team brings a wealth of knowledge and skill across multiple sectors, equipping us to address a variety of labor and employment law issues with proficiency. Our deep understanding of industry-specific nuances ensures that the legal counsel provided is not only legally sound but also bespoke to the distinct needs of your industry.

Holistic Labor and Employment Law Services

We offer an extensive array of services in the realm of labor and employment law. This includes crafting and negotiating employment agreements, managing intricate workplace conflicts, and navigating sensitive matters such as executive separations and whistleblower claims.

Customized Legal Solutions

What distinguishes Burgeon Law is our custom-fit approach to labor and employment legal issues. We are adept at ensuring that your business stays ahead of the curve in compliance with evolving employment laws, all while aligning our legal strategies to your specific business goals.

Our Team

Abhisshek Singlla

Abhisshek Singlla


Anish Jaipuriar

Anish Jaipuriar


Ankit Bhasin

Ankit Bhasin


Work Highlights

Exit of CXOs’/Founders

Burgeon Law skillfully guided various growth stage companies in relation to exit of CXOs’/founders of such companies t. This included review of existing employment agreements/co-founders’ agreement and company’s policies and drafting and negotiating of settlement agreement a, resulting in an exit for such key employees without having any impact on the business and operations of the company.

Comprehensive POSH Implementation

The firm played a crucial role in developing and implementing an effective Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) policy for various organisations. This included conducting specialized training sessions, establishing clear internal guidelines and ensuring the organization’s full compliance with legal requirements, thereby fostering a safer and more ethical workplace.

Navigating a Business Transfer

We provided critical legal support during a business transfer involving a major retail growth stage companies. We assisted in negotiating and drafting employment contracts, addressing all concerns of employees and ensuring a smooth transition for all employees involved.

Client Testimonials


Burgeon Law provides companies with tailored legal solutions to manage employment matters effectively. We offer expert advice and support in areas such as compliance with employment laws, contract management and dispute resolution.

Absolutely, Burgeon Law is well-versed in providing legal support for corporate restructuring and mergers. Our experienced team can assist in drafting essential employment contracts, managing workforce transitions and ensuring compliance with relevant employment laws during these complex processes.

Companies across various sectors, including technology, healthcare, e-commerce and finance as well as businesses of all sizes, can greatly benefit from our employment contracts services. Whether it’s a startup in need of foundational employment contracts or an established corporation requiring complex employment contracts, our expertise caters to the specific needs of your industry and organization.

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