I4C’s  Role in Enforcing Intermediary Liability

14cs role in enforcing intermediary liability


The Ministry of Home Affairs (“MHA”), in exercise of its powers under section 79(3)(b) of the Information Technology Act 2000 (“IT Act”), has designated the Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre (“I4C”), to be the agency of MHA, to perform the function of notifying intermediaries regarding the instances of information, data or communication link residing in or connected to a computer resource controlled by the respective intermediary, being used to commit an unlawful act. 

Therefore, in the event, upon being served a notice by I4C under section 79(3)(b) of the IT Act, if the intermediary fails to expeditiously remove or disable access to that material on its resource/platform without vitiating the evidence in any manner, then such intermediary shall be liable for such information, data or communication link being used for carrying out the illegal activity(ies) and shall not allowed to avail the exemption against liability under section 79 of the IT Act.


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