In addition to providing transactional and operational legal support, we assist our clients to ensure that any conflict or dispute arising between the stakeholders is duly resolved in the best interest of the business.

We understand that time is the essence for most strategic dispute resolution, so our objective is to provide effective remedy efficiently, Our dispute resolution team works with our transaction and commercial team to resolve disputes without litigation or, alternatively, through mediation or arbitration. However, we understand that litigation is a pervasive fact of Indian business life but picking the right legal advisers is often half the battle won. At Burgeon Law, the firm’s dispute resolution is readily available to address situations which cannot be resolved through negotiation or alternative dispute resolution.

Burgeon Law collaborates with the Mr. Aman Avinav (Advocate) as our partner for dispute resolution in a wide spectrum of commercial matters including partnership/joint venture disputes, consumer disputes, debt recovery, human resource, contractual disputes, white collar crimes and intellectual property disputes amongst others with deep understanding of the corporate structure, the legal & regulatory sphere and professional experience which underlines a seamless strategy for resolution of disputes.